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What You Need To Know About Newborn Baby Acne

My baby's beautiful face has acne or some kind of rash all over his face. A newborn with acne? What is going on? There are many forms of baby acne and you should be aware of the different conditions. Your new born is breaking out with these red bumps and I know it can be frustrating to you.

There are many forms baby acne you should be aware of are: Neonatorum is a baby acne condition that affects about 20% of newborns. This acne stems from a mom's maternal hormones that are carried in the bloodstream of a newborn and a baby can have these breakouts right after delivery or within 3 weeks of age. Some different kinds of acne that you baby may experience and called Pustules(also can be know as whiteheads) and Papules. Pustules are small bumps in the skin with pus. And Papules are small red bumps the will rise on top of the skin.

These two different forms of acne can show up around the face, on the cheeks and sometimes on the scalp. This kind of acne should disappear within 4 months. Newborn acne can sometimes get confused with these two conditions called Milia and Infantile Acne. Milia will present itself during the first week of life.

And this kind of acne is usually associated by the warming of a baby who is placed in a incubator. A fever can also be presented as well. And then you have Infantile Acne. This type of acne can develop at the age of three months or even later on.

And this condition can be more severe. This type will disappear after a baby is one years old. A baby can also have this Infantile Acne way up to 3 years old. And if this happens, this is usually due to family genetic. A strong family history of this genetic. Seborrhea is another skin condition and you should watch for these kind of symptoms.

You will start to notice very very small bumps and yellow crusty flakes or scales on hair bearing areas such as the scalp, the eyebrows or the eyelashes. This condition can sometimes affect the neck and shoulders too. This condition is sometime compared to eczema. This should go away on its own.

Give your baby's doctor a call if you feel your baby is experiencing this. Infant Eczema is a very common condition. Red bumps and patches are in various locations.This will commonly present itself on a baby's face and cheeks. Some babies will experience this rash all over their bodies as they get older unfortunately. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this.

This type can be treated with many topical creams by prescription or you may be able to use some over the counter medications. You should consult with your baby's doctor on this. In order to help keep this under control you should keep your baby's face clean with water at least two to three twice's a day. You can use a very mild soap or a non soap cleanser.

Do not use any oils. And do not wash your infant's bibs, towels, or clothes with harsh detergents. Keep the neck area very clean. Make sure your baby is not allergic to anything. You should really keep a eye on this.

For infants over 3 months that continue to break out, you can try a mild lotion with no more than 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Never scrub a baby's skin. And be careful not to over heat your little one with layers and layers of clothing or in hot areas. Keep the skin moisturized with oil free lotions and unscented. Remember gentle cleansers and no oily products.

Parents, if you are concerned about taking pictures, don't be. You can still take pictures of your precious little one. And if needed, a professional photographer does touch-ups. This newborn acne is just a temporary setback and your infant will not remain with this acne forever. Go ahead and take those gorgeous pictures.

Carmen VJ. Hello, and don't get alarmed. There are many solutions available to you to help with newborn acne This is a temporay conditon that can be put under control. http://cure-baby-acne.blogspot.com

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