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Treatment Weight Loss

How much ever one may wish, there are no shortcuts to weight loss. A combination of weight loss treatments such as adjustment of diet and regular exercise are the tried and proven ways to effective fat loss. Alternative and natural treatments Many alternative and natural treatments for weight loss are used by health experts to jog the system to lose fat.

One of them is the wet sock based weight loss treatment, in which the warm feet is inserted into socks soaked in ice cold water, and then woolen socks are put on them. This is done just before going to bed. Along with weight loss, patients report they have pain relief, and the socks reflexively increase the circulation and decrease congestion in the upper respiratory passages, head, and throat.

Another treatment, hypnotherapy weight loss, is a natural cure that helps the stubbornly obese. The hypnotherapy weight loss treatment combined with a behavioral weight management program contributes significantly to weight loss, as studies show. Hypnosis has been found to be useful by changing the way one thinks, as the subconscious mind is retrained to cut down its desire to eat fatty food.

Drugs used for weight loss Another drug that created many ripples was Topamax, a drug developed by Johnson and Johnson for the treatment of seizures disorders; mainly epilepsy. Generic names include Topiramate while brand names include Epitomax. It was noticed that some participants lost weight unintentionally during its clinical trials. However the Topamax weight loss trials were abandoned after side effects like tingling sensations, fatigue, sleeplessness, memory problems surfaced making the drug unsuitable for weight loss.

People that took the medication described having fewer thoughts about food as well as having a sense of feeling full sooner, but the negative effects could not be controlled. Until now, topamax weight loss is NOT a reality. Overweight leads to diabetes Controlling weight in diabetics is very critical, as well as difficult. Overweight people are more prone to diabetes and even a reduction of 5-15% of their body weight can reduce the dependence on medication. Weight loss diabetes naturist treatments include walking, gentle aerobics, cutting on the portion of the diet that is heavy. Closely working with a doctor is important to diabetics as blood sugar levels are delicate and need to be monitored constantly.

Treatments for weight loss may vary according to the individual need of the person, the age and medical fitness, but one this is common: weight control goes a long way in ensuring that the quality of life lead is the best. One has to choose the program and stick to it - to shed those kilos and keep it that way.

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