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The Impact Of Major Depression On Our Lives

Major depression can be a life threatening illness. It is an indiscriminant mental illness that strikes people from all walks of life at anytime. Major depression goes beyond feeling sad. Anyone can feel sad. With major depression, a "Sad moment" can last weeks with feelings of overwhelming despair that often lead to thoughts of suicide.

It can lead to physical pain that cannot be diagnosed. It is often accompanied by other mental illnesses such as bi-polar disorder, unfounded fears and anorexia. These illnesses are serious by themselves, but combined with major depression, they can be devastating, even fatal. Major depression is a debilitating mental illness that can make getting up in the morning an ordeal. Getting through the day is next to impossible.

Many people who suffer from this disease have had multiple jobs because they cannot make it to work. In the United States today, there are more then ten million people who suffer from Major depression. It is diagnosed more than any other illness today.

It is not only the highest ranked in the United States, but also in all other industrialized countries across the globe. Although it strikes indiscriminately, women are twice more likely to be afflicted than men. When major depression is left untreated, it gradually worsens until thoughts of suicide are what the victim feels is their only way to make the pain stop. This illness is diagnosed in degrees.

There are prescription medications that can treat depression and the person afflicted can lead a normal life. It is critical that the person who is taking the medication seek counseling so the medications can be monitored and adjusted if necessary. The person who suffers from this malady needs to have a support system. They need people who can encourage them to take their medication and seek help when it is necessary. For a person suffering from this problem, even the slightest event can trigger earth shattering despair.

For a person who has not been diagnosed, symptoms include lack of energy, crying, nervousness and thoughts of doing bodily damage to yourself. While everyone has had these thoughts at one time or another in their lives, it is recommended that you seek medical help if you have them often or if depression runs in your family. If you or someone you love have these symptoms, it is critical that you seek medical attention immediately. This disease strikes quickly and you may not have the time to wait. If the symptoms are treated early they can be controlled.

But you need to be diagnosed first. A person who suffers from major depression can live a normal happy life without the pain. It can be controlled by medication and if taken properly, there are minimal amount of attacks.

Summary: For those who suffer from major depression, it is possible to live a normal happy depression-free life. Products on the market today guarantee it. Researchers are continuing to develop new medications that are better then the rest and, hopefully, someday in the near future they will find a cure.

Brooke Hayles
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