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Teen fitness for all guys and girls

When we talk about fitness, it can either be performance-related fitness or health-related fitness. This teen fitness article focuses on both type of fitness that affects both the mind and the body of teen guys and teen girls. Being fit gives you more energy for work, school, and allows you to enjoy life better. It wards off heart attack, colon cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure; and being fit does not only assures good health but it makes you feel good about you and lets you stay active. Yoga does a lot of great things to the mind and body of teenagers.

It's a simple solution to beating stress from exams, peer pressure, social anxiety and fear of being ridiculed common to teen guys and girls alike. If perform before and after study hours, yoga can have tremendous relaxing benefits that allows the mind to perform better. Teens who are independent and loved variety can engage in aerobic exercise outside the gym. Running, cycling, swimming, tennis, dancing, are just some of the many that you can engaged in to build stamina and endurance while strengthening your heart muscle for better health. A 20 minute intense aerobic exercise three or more times a week is recommended by the American Heart Association.

Active teenagers are most likely to develop active and healthy lifestyle as they grow older, and are healthier than their sedentary counterparts. Teen wants to stay on top of everything; why not stay on top of your self defense. Martial art such as Kung Fu is a fun and exciting way to stay fit while building your confidence that comes from knowing that you can protect yourself. Martial art training relives tension and stress you experienced as a teenager whilst building up your fitness level. Spending time training martial arts is also a great diversion to occupy your self learning productive activities than otherwise. The cheapest way to stay healthy and fit for teenagers is to have a good, well balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and fibers from fruits and vegetable.

Boys trying to beef up their muscles need to eat more protein rich food to spur muscle growth. It's not so much about dieting but rather it is about healthy eating. When you are younger, your body's metabolic processes are most likely working well so that you do not need to worry too much about calories. Naturally though, teenagers are active so that you need more calories than adults.

However, if you tend to be sedentary often, that's when you get the problem of sugar and fats in your body. That is why you need to live like a teenager, go out and have fun. You do not need a lot of money to finance your fitness activities. You can seek advice from your friends or relatives who knows about staying fit and healthy, and just try to fit their advice on your lifestyle, and financial and physical capacity. Certainly staying away from smoking is the cheapest and surest way to ensure healthy lungs and tip-top stamina.

Teenagers are really more meticulous these days. This is why TeenWants (www.teenwants.com) hopes to bring teens all around the world together and let them experience everything positive and enriching. Sunil Kumar writes for TeenWants.com. TeenWants.com is the place for games, video, music, shopping, fitness, entertainment and even job opportunities for teens. Check out TeenWants.com (www.teenwants.com) for prizes and games as well!

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