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Stress at Work and Its Symptoms

Stress at work is not a new phenomenon. These days, in modern lifestyles, the nature of work has gone really stressful. One needs to do a lot in order to stay ahead in competition. Most people don't even realize that they are undergoing a lot of stress in their life. They don't have time to realize that they are under stress. Work stress is a type of chronic disease.

It is caused by different conditions in the workplace that negatively affect an individual's performance. This also affect overall well being of body and mind of the person. In certain cases, job stress can even be quite disabling.

According to a study, one must go for psychiatric consultation. This will let him or her validate the reason and degree of stress related to work. Sometimes working on a project also causes a lot of stress.

The early stages of job stress are not much irritating as it can enhance the performance due to the efforts put in to the whole thing. However, in case, the condition goes unchecked the body faces stress on a regular basis the body tends to get affected adversely. If you want to know whether you suffer from work stress, here are certain symptoms you need to look for: ? Insomnia or sleeplessness ? Family conflict or constant dispute ? Lack of mental concentration ? Anxiety; Depression; Extreme anger ? Frustration ? Physical illnesses such as migraine, stomach problems, headaches, heart disease and back problems. ? Substance abuse ? Absenteeism on a frequent basis without any regular reason There are several causes of work stress.

Here are some of the visible ones that would let you know how to handle work stress. 1) Insecurity at work place These days, one requires to do a lot at job in order to survive the tough competition. There is a lot of reorganization, mergers, takeovers, and downsizing.

All these situations lead to stress for employees. They need to work hard to survive and let their organization survive the competition. 2) Demand for performance Today, employers, managers and team leaders keep unrealistic expectations and set unrealistic goals for their employees. This results in unhealthy and unreasonable pressures on the employee. Now, this can be really tremendous and the person may suffer from serious depression. Big targets make employees work for long hours and physically stressed out.

They may also require to travel a lot and too much time away from family results in emotional stress. 3) Balance For woman, it becomes really difficult to strike a balance between work and home. After spending stressful work hours, it becomes difficult to work at home. There may be situations where women face sexual harassment at work place. It is easy to cope up with stress at work if you want to.

You can do a lot of things to keep yourself away from stress. Here are some tips: ? Don't give in to alcohol ? Don't cheat on your spouse ? Develop positive attitude towards stress ? Find time to refresh yourself whenever you get time ? Take a short leave and enjoy with your family.

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