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3 Miracles of Yoga and Meditation

by Jeff Smith

For those of you still considering the advantages of yoga and meditation, let me share with you the incredible results I have experienced since sticking to a yoga and meditation regime of 3 times for 40 minutes each week.

1. Digestion - Acid Reflux. I realize I am not alone in experiencing the painful effects of poor digestion, sometimes termed acid reflux. I used to keep Tums and Rolaids antacids in business popping 6-8 just to get through a typical night. This was my reality ever since I can remember - even as a teennager. In fact, this condition ran in my family - so I was resigned to never finding a treatment, let alone a cure.

I am amazed to say that after 4-months of consistent yoga and meditation, my condition is virtually disappeared. I have not taken a single antacid in weeks, have slept better than ever and no longer have to be as careful about my diet.

Sure - if I go overboard, drink or eat too much, then some symptoms reappear, but not near as bad as in the past.

If you live with this condition, then you realize that this sounds like a miracle, and in fact, I look at it that way. This certainly convinced me of the power of yoga and meditation.

2. Feeling of Control Again. One of our biggest negative stressors is when we lose control of a situation or our life. The fast pace of today's society, focus on material things, race to compete with peers and constant media exposure to bad news all lead to a feeling of losing control.

Beyond stress, losing control in one's life can lead to all kinds of negatives including substance abuse, depression, anxiety, violence and more...

For me, the main advantage of yoga and meditation is that it re- empowers you - given you control of yourself. By focusing on yourself, you no longer rely on the need to control your environment, but instead, allowing you to control your own reaction to that environment.

Not only is this incredibly empowering, but is also the ticket to true happiness, great relationships and clear thinking in your life. Yoga and meditation, by calming the mind and giving you back control, lead to a peacefullness letting you deal with the most intense life experiences.

3. Living On Purpose. The two factors outlined above result in a lifestyle that sees us letting life happen to us, instead of allowing us to experience and accomplish what we want.

Until we accomplish true calming of the mind, we do not have the state of mind or body to take control of life and really do with it what we want. How many of you have thought about things you really wanted to experience or do and ended up saying "If only..." or "I just don't have the energy..." or "Maybe later...".

These are all excuses we use to rationalize our inability to step up to a life we really and truly desire.

Through yoga and meditation, we can prepare ourselves better for getting the most out of our lives and can finally stop having to justify why we simply can't.

Yoga and Meditation bring you back the enjoyment, fun and energy you had as a little child. Visit us at: http://www.yogasuccess.com to find out more about how to make yoga and meditation work in your busy life.