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Muscle Building With Weights

If you want to building muscles with weights dont look any further. Here we will show you the smart way of building muscle, without drugs!

There a few keys to building big, strong, powerful muscles that will turn heads, and increase your performance in your sports or activities.

You must eat more than you burn off, you must lift more weight, and you need to rest more.

Here we will cover the training methods to build major muscles quickly, to blow away the competition and surpass people who are currently bigger or stronger than you.

The reason for this is that I will show you techniques that most people dont do, because they dont understand how muscles operate or they get their information from steroid driven bodybuilders who do a ton of sets and reps that are not needed for the average no-steroid man.

First before we go into some techniques, you must understand how muscle works.

Muscles love to sleep. if they could they would sleep 24/7. The only way they get used is because YOU choose to use them! So if you dont work out you muscles wont grow.

Also if you cant beat your last workout you wont get bigger, so if you cant push the extra rep or lift that extra 5lbs you will just stay the same.

Ok so now here are a couple excellent weight training techniques to build muscle, strength and power:


The King Set!

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart!

This is basically the exercise above the super-set. So for this technique you want to pick 3 compound exercises for each major/minor muscle group.

Then you aim for using a weight for 10 reps per exercise back to back to back with 10 - 30 seconds rest max. in between exercises, this is usually the time it takes to get to the next workout station.

You will only need to do the king set ONCE per muscle group. Then move onto the next muscle group. Do a king set for every muscle group you want to work on for the session at the gym but dont overtrain, 20 mins - 1 hour of weights is ideal for recovery and rest and growth.

This way you will be more refreshed and leaving the gym with higher energy than when you went in.

Record the exercises, reps, weight used, rest times too. You goal is to fully rest for 2-3 days and try to beat your current workout numbers, if you are to sore still dont workout on that muscle group. If you can beat your numbers you will grow every time you come into the gym, for hard gainers, 2-4 times a week is enough and no back to back lift days.

For example, lets say you wanted to workout on your
chest, the 3 exercises you could choice are flat bench press,incline bench press, and standing cable flies.

Dont be afraid to be creative, and switch around the exercises, you dont have to do the same ones each time either, maybe you could add dumbbells presses, or push ups, or decline bench presses.

NOTE: Your body will remember how to do everything you have done in the last 6 months, but even better the last 3 months.

2. The Giant Set!

WARNING: May cause muscles to grow larger.haha ;)

This method of weight training is excellent for building raw power and strength, as well as build your muscles thicker.

You will be using much more weight and resting much more in between sets.

Like the King set, you only need to do one giant set per muscle group.

Pick ONE exercise per muscle group.

So again lets use the chest again, lets say your choice is the flat bench dumbbell press, after warming up, pick a weight you can lift about 5 times, after repping the weight for an all out effort of about 5 reps, rest for about 30 seconds to a minute and then rep out the same weight for as many more reps as you can, you may be able to do another 4-5 or so then, you can stop or you can rest another 30 to a minute and rep it out again for as many reps as you can which may only be 2-4 Try not to go past 12-13 reps for the total reps of the giant set.

(Note: the dumbbell press is a safer choice when lifting heavy weight, and the bench press takes great technique to do really heavy and you better have a spotter, also flat bench can cause other injuries as well, like in your elbows and shoulders, or back)

With these two muscle building weight training techniques you will be able to literally control how big and strong you get as long as you are recording everything and eating properly and resting allot to recover fully between workouts.


About the Author (text)Want to get stronger, Faster? for more weight training articles, tips and a FREE Newsletter: http://www.weighttrainingpro.com

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