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Massage Exchange - Massage for Free!

By Trevor Egleton

It's true! You don't have to pay through the nose for good massage or even bad if you're unlucky. However, getting it for free isn't quite as convenient as rolling into a salon, popping your cloths on the chair and laying back for 60 minuets, but the massive savings certainly make it worthwhile.

But just how do you get free massage? Well its all about the barter. "You rub my back and I'll rub yours" or so the saying almost goes. Instead of paying £50 per hour plus for professional massage just find a partner to exchange massage with.

If you're married or in a relationship you don't need this "how to" article to tell you this is a great option but if you're single or your partner isn't as enthusiastic about massage as you are than it's not so easy to find a regular partner to exchange massage with.

You can't just call up a bunch of friends and see if anyone is interested, you might not get any return calls for a while. Not that massage is strange but the culture of our society just doesn't easily allow for such things.

Fortunately due to the massive networking opportunities that the internet provides there are a few resources to help you find one or more partners.

Some look and work like a dating site and cover one or more countries and others are very basic online groups that use a simple message system and are highly localised.

http://groups.yahoo.com and www.craiglist.org are a good start as they are free. They often have a few ads or groups related to massage exchange and are always local to a certain city. Just try searching on key phrase "massage exchange + city/town" from their sites.

For other small local groups you can do the same search from google and see what happening within the first few pages of search results. I wouldn't bother looking any further then the first 3 pages of results as even if you find some more groups, not many others would have, so there won't be many potential partners to exchange with anyway.

The other option is one of the big massage exchange sites.

www.findamassagepartner.com (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand about 40,000 members)

www.massage-exchange.co.uk (UK about 4,000 members)

These site not only have a lot of members but there infrastructure is comprehensive, however full membership which allow you to communicate with potential partners isn't free, although it is less expensive for a year then for most therapists 30 minuet massage.

The big question with all these option is do all the other users really want massage or are they looking for something more adult? Well from what I have seen they all have such users, just like dating sites have those looking for dinner and a movie and those who want to skip both and move straight to a chap motel these massage exchange groups have the widest possible spectrum of users looking for the widest range of "massage".

The good thing is that those looking for the more adult options really do only make up a small percentage of all users and it's not usually too hard to figure them out. The bigger sites have various options to help with this including feedback, abuse reporting and a strict non sexual use policy.

Given all the facts, its worth checking all these options out to get the most possible partnering options, the time and expense involved can pay itself back many time over once you have found one or more long term partners.