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Maintaining Healthcare In A Rat Race World

The fast life in a rat race city is very stressful. Keeping one's health care in the middle of a high professional demanding job is a challenge for everyone. As the old wisdom sage wrote, "if the body is well the soul dances." A person can be propelled to do his best if he is full of health care and is happy. The body is like a machine. A machine needs repairs, maintenance, and the right amount of gas; the body to maintain health care needs nutrients to be able to function well.

There are several ways of convincing yourself to eat the right food at the right time. It is wise to consult a doctor for health care specializing in nutrition before embarking in a full-blown diet. Inform him about your eating habits so he can advise you to choose wisely what you eat. Setting a goal is being realistic.

Write a gradual and reachable plan with your doctor, and then work on it. Reward yourself with something you enjoy like reading or watching a movie; every time you hit your mark for the day. Eating A Balance Diet Is Maintaining Health Think and focus on your goal of maintaining a healthy life. Imagine yourself physically fit and happy, not plump and heavy.

Doing aerobics with friends or a walking group, can be fun. If you prefer to be on your own, it's okay, as long as your regimen will not end up in a failure. Fortunately, there are doable tricks to avoid high carbohydrates diet. Firstly, never skip breakfast, or you will be tempted to snatch a rocky road ice cream coupled with thick cheese hamburger. You see, the body system commands the brain to take in stock of food especially when it's starved.

Start breakfast with a whole grain high fiber meal with fruits, or with fresh low fat milk or fruit sherbet. Secondly, be a fruit eater, if your pangs of hunger attacks you at the middle of the day, it is good to discipline your mind with a fix schedule of eating and have a healthy fruit nearby, in case of dizziness, since your body is still adjusting to your new regimen. Take note of the D-days of highly stressed schedule. These are when you are usually tempted to skip breakfast and create havoc with your system to succumb in a mayday alert imbalance of chemical reactions, causing added stress and sickness. Thirdly, sit down with your physician; be very sincere about your hunger habits while you are still adjusting with your diet plan.

There are several ways of making your body feel full but not heavy, these are eating chopped fruits like apples, bananas, kiwi fruits, mangoes and strawberries; you may also have rye bread for lunch with tuna salad and yoghurt. Plan your snacks with pears and oranges on your table, with intake of lots of water. This oxidizes your body and beautifies your skin. Fruit juices are better than coffee and cola.

Coffee actually can be taken 3 cups at the most; more than that is detrimental to your health. Choose to take fruits for dessert all the time or yoghurt ice cream as a substitute. The buzz for fighting cancer is natural high fiber diets, which increases phytochemicals in your body.

These special chemicals help rejuvenate and prevent cancer causing hormones from attacking to your healthy body cells.

The article is written by Nor Nan. Please visit Health Care for more information.

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