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How to Find the Perfect TherapistFrom Fox River Grove and Carpentersville

Choosing a mental health professional, psychotherapist or counselor that you are conformable with can be difficult. You want a therapist who takes the time to listen to you and with whom you have a good rapport. You want to have the feeling that he or she is focused on your best interests. Having a counselor who is experienced, helpful, organized, understanding and one who has that all-important rapport with you can lead to a good outcome. Having a therapist who accepts your insurance and requires you to pay just your co-pay at each visit is important too because you do not need any additional financial stress. Rapport is crucial because you should feel comfortable enough to explain your situation in depth, each week, by giving him or her all of the information that is needed to adequately give you the best advice and feedback possible.

If you are able to do this, it is very likely that you have chosen the correct counselor or psychotherapist for you. Your therapist should listen intently, be able to understand your point of view and be able to help you decide what the best course of action might be; then suggest several ways of looking at things that you may not have even considered. Feel free to ask your counselor any questions that you have concerning not only your doubts, depression or anxieties, but also about his or her experience with situations like yours, length of time in practice and the number of cases that he or she has handled.

You will want to be sure that your therapist accepts reimbursement directly from your insurance company and will only require you to make your co-pay at each visit. Also, discuss what your counselors policy is if you show-up late, miss an appointment or cancel one. What policies regarding fees and insurance reimbursement are relevant to these situations? When it comes to finding a counselor or psychotherapist, you want to insure that you have made the right choice. Counseling, your depression, anxiety and the relationship with your spouse and kids are very serious business. The choice you make for a psychotherapist should be made with the same seriousness. In order to assist you with this process, the following are tips or guidelines for finding the most suitable mental health professional for your needs.

There are seven simple steps, that when followed, will allow you to choose the most suitable counselor or therapist for you. You Can Find the Perfect Counselor using these Seven Steps: 1. Do not procrastinate in your search.

You should not hesitate to begin it because of a feeling of unpleasantness or denial. Remember, these services are needed to improve your life or save your marriage. 2. Ask any friends or family who have used a professional counselor to deal with similar issues. Get referral advice from those who have had first hand experiences.

3. Take suggestions from other trusted professionals. Your minister, physician or even, a teacher or nurse might lead you to someone who would be just right for your situation. 4. Investigate degrees and the licenses of prospective therapists.

You can assume a therapist has been well trained, if he or she possesses a masters degree in professional counseling, social work or family counseling or a doctoral degree in psychology from an accredited university. These professionals should also be licensed by your state to practice independently. In general, you should not pursue counseling from psychiatrists because they receive little training in that area, have received most of their training in general medicine and are usually interested in just prescribing medications. 5.

Watch some educational videotapes which feature counseling. This allows you to see a psychotherapist or counselor in action and you will be better able to understand what traits you should look for. 6. Look for an organized and efficiently run practice.

No amount of eye pleasing, warm or fuzzy decorations can compete with a well-organized office. 7. Perform your own interviews or evaluations. Do not feel ashamed to question several therapists or counselors to find the right one to meet your needs.

Once you feel you have a rapport with one, you will be able to make your final choice. These are not the only steps you will follow in your decision-making process. Location, fees, hours and overall appeal will also be involved. You are placing an important, life changing process in a strangers hand.

Be sure that you are as comfortable as possible, feel a good rapport and, then, rely on trust to see the process.

Dr Shery is in Cary, IL, near Algonquin, McHenry, Huntley and Lake-in-the-Hills. He's an expert psychologist, provides day, evening and Saturday appts and accepts all local insurance plans. Call 1 847 516 0899 and make an appt or learn more about counseling at: http://www.carypsychology.com

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