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Curing Acid Reflux the Natural Way

Most people prefer natural cure for a serious condition like Acid reflux. The reason is that the symptoms are really dangerous and result in a lot of symptoms in the patient. People are tending to experience a lot of heartburn at short intervals and many other serious symptoms. There are several factors contributing to this disease such as drinking a lot of alcohol, eating foods containing large doses of citrus or leading a life full of stress. However, the disease can be easily treated by the advice of an experienced health care professional.

Natural remedies are very effective and do not produce any sort of side effects on the body. Fortunately, there are a lot of natural remedies available when it comes to treating acid reflux. Here are some of the most natural forms of remedies effectively used to treat acid reflux: - Peppermint This element works towards facilitates easy digestion. It also relieves tension and cramps that contributes towards pushing of the acid back towards the esophagus. - Aloe Vera Also known as miracle plant, the juice derived will effectively heal damaged esophagus.

- Lavender The wonder herb does a lot to provide relief from several symptoms of the acid reflux. - Loose weight Remember that acid reflux can be cured only via curing the damage done to the esophagus and lowering the level of acid present inside the stomach. When you loose weight, you automatically cure the damaged esophagus and reduce acid quality inside the stomach. - Orange peal extract This is a safe method of curing acid reflux inside the body. It facilitates moving of food via the esophagus in a rapid motion. This further reduces the chances for the heartburn symptoms to occur.

The orange peel also acts as a surfactant. This means that the peel minimizes the surface tension of the liquids present inside the stomach. It also suppresses the chances of liquids inside the stomach to splash up towards the esophagus. The patient is usually recommended to take about 1,000 mg of orange peel on a daily basis for about twenty days.

You must choose a product with 98.5% of d-limonene. It is a compound naturally found in the extract of orange peel.

- Apple cider vinegar This should be taken at least thrice a day with water. The recommended dose is about two tablespoons. - Pickle juice Drinking pickle juice will help a lot in providing relief from acid reflux. - Raw apples Eating lots of raw apple will work wonders to provide relief from acid reflux symptoms.

- Avoiding fried foods You need to abstain from fried and fatty foods in order to get relief from acid reflux. - Water Drinking lots of water usually helps in getting rid of symptoms caused by acid reflux. One should at least drink eight to ten glasses of water a day.

- Herbal remedies Here are some of the herbal remedies widely prescribed for curing acid reflux. - Chamomile - Meadowsweet - Slippery elm - Cancer bush - Fennel - Catnip - Angelica root - Gentian root - Ginger root.

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