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Antiaging Skin Care Treatment is Purely an Inside Job

Antiaging skin care treatment has many faces in the market place these days, We see hundreds of creams, pill, and procedures that claim to make skin thicker, more elastic, less spotted, and younger looking. Most of us know that the truth is contrary to this approach but with no choice are relegated to giving these a shot. If one understands the factors that cause skin to lose its appeal with age then the issue can be addressed with the truth.

The factors that greatly affect the skin appearance are environmental pollution, low nutrtional value food supply, and toxins from OTC or prescription drugs, not to mention smoking. Remember, what goes in always comes out just as what always goes up must always come down. Antiaging skin care treatment rests, first, on understanding basic skin biochemistry. The recipe of poor food quality (in terms of nutrient density) mixed with environmental toxins, sun exposure, smoking, and or any type of drugs results in aging skin appearance: repairing and restoring the skin to its youthful condition. The accepted practices of antiaging skin care treatment are, for starters, applying a layer of creams and/or oils directly onto the surface of the skin. This doesn't necessarily moisturize the skin, but creates a layer of film that, for a short time, protects fluids from open air evaporation.

If the skin is drying it will become noticeable over time by the wrinkling that follows. This approach will not reduce the skin wrinkling that comes with age. The reason that wrinkling happens in the first place is that the body loses its ability to rebuild new skin cells to replace the dead ones that make up the top layer of the epidermis. That happens directly from the body losing its ability to create energy at the cellular level. As we age that lack of cellular energy results in all available energy being directed to the vital, life sustaining organs such as the lungs, kidney, heart, and liver.

When it comes specifically to replicating new skin cells, there isn't enough energy left to do the job. The old dead skin cells that are the outer layer of the epidermis don't get replaced so the elements mentioned earlier take their toll and results in of dry, wrinkled, and spotted skin. Abundant inter-cellular energy is necessary to replicate a new skin cell below the skins surface.

It then requires even more energy to drive that new cell to the surface and yet more to knock off the old, dead skin cell and replace it with the new one. Let me put it this way; natural antiaging skin care treatment means approaching skin repair with nutrtional biochemistry. This is a fancy way of saying "give the body the nutrients it needs and it will do the job". This ensures the body's ability to replicate cells for all the organs including the largest organ; the skin.

Here are a few nutritional habits that will aid in this process. Consume an abundance of all natural plant based foods of rotating variey. The botanical compounds that drive energy production, in some cases, can be found here. The nutraceutical industry may provide the solution to skin repair. Program your day around 5-6 small snacks (you may call them meals) per day that consist of the same amounts of protein and carbs and a small amount of essential fats in several of those meals.

This ongoing lumber supply (so to speak) to build new skin cells ensures 24 hr/day-7 day/wk repair process. You also keep the body supplied with energy creating nutrients at least 16-18 hours/day. Liquid all natural, botanical nutraceuticals are a great option for covering all the bases. Never misunderstand the skin repair begins on the inside.

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