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A Pedometer Log Can Help You Maintain Fitness

A pedometer is a device measuring the steps a person makes. It has the size of a pager or even smaller. The pedometer works by using a pendulum that senses hip movements and transfers that information to a readout display. Pedometers were initially used by pro athletes, but they are now becoming popular amongst regular fitness people as well. A pedometer can be worn on the belt, during the workout, or even for the whole day, so that the individual can measure how many steps he or she has walked that day.

People use pedometers as a motivator in the battle against themselves, because pedometers can give encouragement to compete with oneself in getting fit and losing weight. 10,000 steps a day are considered as a sign of a healthy and active lifestyle, as this number of steps is equivalent to almost eight kilometers. Pedometers can in different models with different features. Yes, they all count steps, that is their main function. But aside from showing the step/distance total, some pedometers have other features like calorie estimate, clock, timer, stopwatch, speed estimator; pulse rate readers and can even memorize this data for seven days. Some even come with some tracking software you can use on your computer.

A setup is required so that the pedometer can measure distance. Basically, you have to enter the step length so that the calculations can be accurate. One thing to remember is that the pedometer's accuracy largely depends on where you wear it, so you would probably have to experiment a bit, or check the manual. You have to know how to wear a pedometer. A pedometer can be worn on the hip, on your waistband right over your front pocket, clipped to the top of your shoe, right below the ankle, or even in your back pocket.

Its display should be easy to read and protected at the same time. It must be kept in a straight position, not tilted. The distance accuracy depends on setting your stride length correctly. Typically, the distance recommended for keeping good shape is 6,000 steps a day, while for weight loss you should be doing about 10,000 steps a day. Nowadays, the large number of companies producing pedometers has made the choice for the buyer quite difficult.

Finding the best pedometer is a challenging task and getting the most expensive one does not necessarily mean that you have made the best selection. The price of a pedometer varies between $10 and $200. A basic model will do just fine, as long as the calculations are accurate. Search the Internet, read reviews and what other customers have posted. When buying one, make sure that there is a money back guarantee period so that you can test before making your final decision.

Jerry Cahill, author and publisher. Review some recent work at Pedometer Log

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